Available Machine February 2013

  1. Used Daio Swing type Mill Roll Stand with Splicer. 3 Sets, 1,800 mm in 1998. These machines was stopped on Aug.10, 2012
  2. Used MHI NC Slitter, Model 57H in 1999, 2,000 mm width, Max. 330m/min., This machine will be stopped at the end of 2012.
  3. Used MHI Fingerless Single Facer for A & B flute Model: 50C & 50F, 2,000mm width, 200m/min, These machines will be stopped at Aug., 2013.
  4. Used MHI Corrugator 1,800mm but without Single Facer 1,800mm, These machines will be stopped at May-Aug., 2013.