Box Gluing Machine Update List March 2013

Used Tokai FG 1,400 x 3,200 mm,Model: NCMG32-14 IN 1992.

Used Saito Auto.Folder Gluer,Model:FGR-9N in 1995,1,200 x 2,700mm,This M/C will be stopped within a few months.

Used Tokai Auto.Folder Gluer with TTC-130,Model:NCMG-2714 in 1989,1,400 x2,700mm.This M/C will be stopped soon.

Used Seiko Semi Auto.Gluer with Tying machine (Sanki),Model:HG-111K with Sanki HU-401 in 1986.2,700 x 1,200mm.Max.:12 bundle/min.

Used saito Auto.Folder Gluer,with TTC-130.Model:FGR-9N in 1991,1,200 x 2.700mm,This M/C will be stopped at Apr.,2013.