Corrugator Machine Update List March 2013

Used MHI Fingerlee Single Facer For A & B flute Mdl:50C & 50F 2,000 mm width,200 m/min.These machines will be stopped Aug.,2013 Direction:Stacker ……….SF

Used MHI Corrugator 1,800mm but without Single Facer 1,800mm Direction: Stacker……SF This Line will be stopped at May-Ang.,2013

Used lsowa Corrugator 1,650mm,150m/min.This Machine will be stopped at Aug.,2013.

Used lsowa Fingerless Single Facer,model:SF99,1,800mm 220m/min for A &C Flute in 2007, as spare with new corrugated rolls for AFlute This Machine will be stopped at Aug.,2013.

Used Uchida Single Facer 1,800mm for V flute,Nodel:D-701,200m/minOverhauled & Modified (Side Vacuume sustem,not nozzle type) in 1993 This machine will be stopped at the end of Apr.,2013.