Die Cut Machine Update List 2019/03/07

User marumatsu autopress,

Model: mfw-1611 (1,600 x 1,100mm) in 2004.

Used marumatsu autopress,

Model: sap-1285 with lead edge feeder,

This machine was stopped already in the warehouse. About 20 years

Used asahi carton master,

Model: ap-1020 in 1994

This machine is in the warehouse now

Used iijima cutter & creaser,

Model: bf-1270 in 1982.

This machine will be stopper at may-aug.,2019.

Used ueda uni-platen,

Model: u-1700 in 1989 with stripper.

This machine was stopped at thr end of dec.,2018.

Used ueda uni-platen,

Model: i-1400 (age: unknown)

This machine was stopper on dec.23 ,2018 without stripper.

Used Used ueda uni-platen,

Model: u-1400 in 1989.

This This machine was stopper on may 2019. without stripper

Used asahi carton master,

Model: ap-1600 mark ii in 1995 with isowa 3 color flexo printer,

Model: dp-60 in 1995.

This line will be stopped around June -july,2019.

Used bobst autoplatine sp126-e in 1983.

This machine will be stopped in 2020.