Die Cut Machine Update List 27/06/2013

Used Sanwa Flat Bed Die Cutter,Model:TRP-1300-SS in 1995

Used Tenda Flat Bed Die Cutter,Model:FA-1450

Used Nlkko Flat Bed Die Cutter,Model:FXR-2000FXR in 1997.This M/C will be stopped at the end of this year.

Used Asahi Cartonmaster,Model:AP-128L in 1993.This M/C will be stopped at the end Aug.,2013.

Used Marumatsu Flat Bed Die Cutter,Model:MPX-1611 in 1998.with Pre-feeder This M/C will be stopped at Sept.,2013.

Used Marumatsu,MAP-1410

Used Kudo Super Roller Die Cutter,Model:KW2300